Tara Tuesdays – Part 47 – Christmas Wreath Workshop

I have always wanted to have a go at making my own Christmas wreath for my front door and decided this year to finally give it a go. I was very fortunate in receiving this workshop as a birthday gift and was beside myself with excitement when the workshop day finally came around!

My friend Lois, another lady (Jo) and me met at my friend Kerrie’s shop (Highgate Florist) and were welcomed with a lovely roaring fire, a beautifully scented Jingle Berry Christmas candle and Christmas music….I knew we would be in for a treat!

004 (800x600)

Kerrie had already made up our wreath rings with moss and wired them all into place for us and had a “here’s one I made earlier” example for us to see.

006 (800x600)

Kerrie started off by showing us how to arrange and tie the foliage, not as easy as you might think! We were using spruce, holly and ivy for our wreaths and worked our way around the ring making sure we didn’t have any gaps. I was surprised by how much foliage we got through and found myself rummaging through the ivy trying to find the bits with all the berries on! My wreath took a long time to take shape but once I had all of the foliage on I was really pleased with it!  

007 (800x600) 008 (800x600) 009 (800x600) 011 (800x600) 012 (800x600)

Of course once we had all made our wreaths we had to have a daft picture taken! I was disappointed that my wreath hid my face in this shot!

014 (800x600)

Next up was the adding the ribbon, we all chose different styles and had fun trying to make bows. My favourite part was adding the cones, chillies, oranges, cinnamon sticks and seed heads. These all really made the wreaths look beautiful and finished them off perfectly! We had different wire to use to attach all of our bits and I decided to use EVERYTHING!

017 (800x600) 019 (800x600) 020 (800x600) 021 (800x600)

We were all delighted with our finished wreaths and I am now displaying mine proudly on my front door! Every time I go out and come home I keep thinking “I made that!” I can’t believe I actually made something so beautiful in the space of a few hours! If you have always wanted to make a wreath of your own I can highly recommend attending one of Kerrie’s workshops if you are in the East Sussex/Kent area as you won’t be disappointed! The atmosphere was very relaxed, we all worked at our own pace and had help throughout the whole workshop. Kerrie of course made it all look SO easy, but if I can make one, so can anyone!  

Jo and her beautiful wreath.

024 (600x800)

Cheesy grin alert!

027 (600x800)

Lois and her stunning wreath.

028 (600x800)

Lois and me and our beauties!

031 (800x600)


033 (800x600)


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