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There were two more magazine mentions for Emma’s Fabric Studio in October and November courtesy of Sew Magazine!

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Tara Tuesdays – Part 31

Feeling Festive

I am FINALLY starting to get just a wee bit excited about Christmas! Although the radio at work has been playing Christmas tunes since mid November I haven’t let this put me off! My village has really got into the spirit of Christmas as we have several real Christmas trees up above the pub and some of the local shops as well as in the lime trees that line the path from the village shop to the old Post Office. We did well as we have a 20 foot tree right next to our house, get in! The lights were officially turned on last weekend and there was a carol service and mulled wine which I am sure was fab, I was however seeing my beloved at Brighton which you already know about!

I had my work Christmas doo on Friday at High Rocks which was fantastic! I honestly can’t remember the last time I danced so much! My feet were KILLING me yesterday mind! And I was so tired yesterday I went to bed early and forgot to take out my lenses and wondered why my eyes were stuck together when I woke up this morning…. that will teach me!

We got our Christmas wreath for the front door last weekend which Kerrie from Highgate Florist and Growers made for us. As usual it looks great, as does her shop at the moment, so festive and inviting, every time I go in I want to buy ALL OF IT!


I still have lots to do including writing and posting cards, buying and wrapping presents, making reindeers (will there ever be an end in sight with them!), food shopping and and and! We are at home this year but everything has to be “just so” or the world will end! Ridiculous really but every year is the same! Hubby has been great and has been wrapping the family and friends presents for me which is a huge help!

Yesterday morning was spent rearranging the WHOLE living room JUST to get the tree in! I love having a real tree, the smell is just gorgeous! Sofas and furniture were moved around and the room was dusted and cleaned to within an inch of it’s life. The 7 foot tree that we had ordered was about 2 feet bigger than our order so we had to chop some off from the top. However, Father Christmas hides it well and looks rather cool perched on top I think!


I love the colour red and have gone for a red theme this year with some silver too! I love looking through the decorations as I always forget what I have until I open the box again! We had a bit of a panic with the lights as some no longer work and one broke off. Why is it that they are carefully taken down on 12th night and put away safely but that there is always a broken bulb or some damage in the time that they are hidden away?!

Anyway, back to the tree. I decided to put the little knitted stockings on the tree rather than as a garland for my fireplace and also found one of my knitted reindeers from last year that has pride of place! We have some silver bells without the ringers (!) that Hubby’s Grandad made before he was born that we have inherited plus some red icicles that we bought in Prague years ago as well as some red glass drops that are from Lewes. We also have 3 Venetian glass baubles that came from Hubby’s parents too plus some handmade hearts that I made a few years ago! I think my favourite decorations are the wooden horses (funny that) that have bells for their feet! A lovely gift one year from my Mum-in-law.

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Not content with just the one tree (oh no) we have a fake tree in our dining room too which I like to call the homemade tree as pretty much everything on it has been made by me or I have purchased from friends.

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So, all that remains now on the decorating side is to get the garland which is coming on Saturday week and I will be done, it’s just the rest of the preparations to get on top of now!

Even the Dalek has gotten into the spirit! I draw the line at tinsel but though “oh go on then” when I saw him!!!!


Tara Tuesdays – Part 30

Tara is back from her Christmas shenanigans – a celeb encounter, some reindeers and Adam Ant – what a combo! Here she is…

I’m back……for now!

Since last writing, my girlies and I did another Christmas Fair, this time in Crowborough at the Beacon School. Unfortunately, we all came away slightly disappointed as it wasn’t a great success. Our stall did look lovely mind and I did manage to take some of our stock into work where my friends bought some bits but it was still not as good as we had hoped for. I sold the reindeer pictured here in the middle and then the other two who I named “Raspberry” and “Strawberries and Cream” to 2 ladies at work! I did however buy the bargain of the century, just look at these fab knitted stockings! They were 50p each so I had the lot! I can’t wait to put them together in a garland for my fireplace when I start decorating my house for Crimbo!





As well as the usual boring everyday chores we all have to do, I have been working very hard in my new job which I think is going ok, I have had some tough challenges with my machine Bridget mind you but am using a different sewing foot which I am hoping will help me to improve!

We have been to a couple of gigs (Adam Ant and my beloved Keane, more on this later) and have also had a poorly cat who after fighting, came back from the Vets 5ml of pus lighter from the bite mark in his head! Poor thing! Hubby captured him in this picture mid lick which is so funny as he still has his tongue out! He is 100% better now which is great too!


I was bucked off Bomber on Saturday and now have a very bruised bottom and sore back! It wasn’t a bad fall but he is SO big, it was such a long way to the ground!

Adam Ant was playing at De La Warr in Bexhill and we went along to that gig a few weeks ago. My bridge camera was confiscated as the bouncer thought it was a professional camera, however I did manage to sneak a few shots before getting caught! As usual he was fantastic, such a talented and entertaining chap!


With this is mind, I smuggled the camera in wrapped in my scarf to the Keane gig at the Brighton Centre that I went to last night! The lead singer Tom has been poorly of late and was not on his usual form to start with but after warming up, he was belting the songs out! He has such a great voice and I have to admit that I am in love with him! What made this gig for me was when beforehand just as we stopped at the traffic lights before turning off to park the car, Tim Rice-Oxley pulled up in his Discovery next to us! I was desperately hoping he would turn around so that I could wave at him but he was too busy playing with his stereo! He would have no doubt given me a look if I had caught his eye but it was still a nice treat for me to spot him!