Sew Magazine – 2 Mentions for Emma’s Fabric Studio

We got a couple of mentions in Sew Magazine recently, one was the Trinny fabric bundle (Farm Fresh fabrics from Riley Blake Designs) in the November edition. The other was the ‘Hoo’s In The Forest’ fabric which featured in the ‘Fabric Shopping’ section in October. I was amazed to receive a call last week from a lovely lady who didn’t have email or the internet but who had seen the ‘Trinny’ fabric bundle in Sew Magazine. She had discarded the magazine and ended up calling Sew Magazine direct to track down Emma’s Fabric Studio.

Coincidentally, at the same time, Emma’s Fabric Studio is the subject of a local college project where some of the students have been asked to create a leaflet for a local business. They have decided their project will revolve around how internet businesses reach people without the net, I look forward to seeing what they create for me!

FYI Tara is currently crazy busy in the run up to Christmas, I miss her Tuesday posts but she is working with the Fabric Fruitloops of Crowborough at many of the Christmas Fairs, which will hopefully provide us with some humour and hopefully some tales of success!

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