Tara Tuesdays – Part 17

My Olympic Experience

You may have read last week that I was fortunate enough to go to the Olympics last Tuesday as hubby had managed to secure us tickets for the Men’s +105 kg Weight Lifting and medal ceremony. When he initially applied he bid for Athletics, Equestrian and the Weight Lifting tickets. I was a bit underwhelmed by Weight Lifting. However, I have to say after going I am so pleased that we had tickets as the experience was fab! I was just slightly disappointed that we weren’t in the Olympic Village; no matter, at least we got to see something!

After all the travel hype, we set off very early to avoid delays, we needn’t of worried as the journey there and home was so well organised, it was absolutely fine! We were there in just over 2 hours which was pretty good going. We bought some merch (as you do) and had something to eat and drink before we got settled in our seats. Although we were on the very back row, we had a perfect view of everything and were able to zoom in with our x35 camera! I couldn’t read the score board mind so we took pictures of it during the event and zoomed in to see who was doing what!

I have attached some pictures of the chaps in their spandex for you in case you missed any of it! The medallists were:

Behdad Salimi – Iran

Sajjad Anoushiravani – Iran

Ruslan Albegov – Russia

One thing I must point out is that the winner lifted 247kg which I think is pretty fantastic actually! There was one incident where the German chap, Matthias Steiner, dropped the weights onto his neck! He was ok, but retired injured. There was a great atmosphere in the Excel Centre and the Iranian fans were going mad when their chaps were doing their lifts! I am not surprised seeing as they got Gold & Silver! It was a shame that there were no GB competitors, however, we just got into the spirit of it and cheered everyone on!

You might want to see the Lego version of events which is so clever and really funny!

All in all the games were fantastic, Team GB did us proud and I guess like the majority of the population, I feel extremely very proud to British!


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