Bags, Beads & Brooches Magazine Feature – June 2012

The lovely Helen at Just Georgie contributed to June’s issue of Bags, Beads and Brooches magazine. In fact she created two of the projects on the front page (a bracelet and the pink and green bag)! The bag was made using the ‘Karine’ fabric bundle and it looks fabulous taking pride of place on the front page. I want to say a big thank you to Helen for choosing fabric from Emma’s Fabric Studio and for making it look so great in this project!  She is a a dab hand with any craft she turns her hand to – not one but two projects on the front page! Within ten minutes of publishing this on Facebook, two people had gone and bought the magazine online. I’m hoping they will be brave and will show Helen their versions of the bag which will no doubt will be whipped up in super speedy time and look just as lovely as the original.

Please visit Helen’s Facebook page to say hello.


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