My First Attempt At Card Making

I have never had a desire to make my own cards… ever.  However, I had a rush on card-requiring events recently and I wanted to make them extra special, for some special people.  So, I needed 5 of the same type of card personalised for 5 different people.  You may have read before that I love applique, well I had the bright idea of stitching the letters onto the cards but as I didn’t want pin holes, I’d use glue to place them before sewing.  Well, my new best friend is PVA glue!  I used to love covering my hands with it in school but I never realised how strong it was!  The letters stuck fast and there was no need to sew them on in the end.  They were incredibly fiddly to do though as the letters were really small, I must have been having a good day for ‘patience’ as I didn’t cut myself, ruin any letters or throw everything up in the air in frustration!

I knitted some flowers and sewed them on with a button.  It was the only sewing I ended up doing!  I give everyone nicknames, so I personalised them with those:

I wasn’t stopping there though.  I needed some cards for some people affected by redundancy, so I made a batch of the red caravan cards and one for my Granny to say thank you for my birthday present!  Mission accomplished!



4 thoughts on “My First Attempt At Card Making

  1. Fabulous Emma. Really love the colours on these cards. Great you didn’t have to sew as I find sewing through PVA really messes up the needle if it is still tacky – I did a batch of feathered headdresses recently and got in a right sticky mess.

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