When I met Tara ‘T Girl’…

I wrote this in January about Tara from my sewing group (Fabric Fruitloops of Crowborough)…

And then there is Tara… how she ever gets things done nobody knows.  She has so many ideas that it keeps her awake at night.  She bought some rustic, organic (etc etc) alpaca wool (yarn to the posh peeps inc Tara) at a knitting show and decided to knit with it on the train to work in London.  Little did she know that the wool hadn’t been treated properly and maggots started appearing as she started knitting.  That would have been a packed train I would NOT have wanted to be on!  I get the impression she pokes people in the ribs with her needles if they annoy her.

Tara’s emails to us all in the sewing group are nothing short of comedy genius.  She goes riding every week and her favourite horse is called Bomber (which frankly doesn’t really bode too well, he sounds like a mad old man bombing around the countryside with Tara hanging on for dear life).  If I didn’t already call Tara ‘T Girl’ (like a yarn bombing superhero) I would probably call her Bomber.  She is THE most enthusiastic person I know, gets incredibly excited about all things crafty and is a very serious soul (we thought our tea cosies looked like Mitre hats):


Tara keeps us all amused with her daily emails and I think she needs to share her enthusiasm to a wider audience.  From next week, Tuesdays at Emma’s Fabric Studio will be re-named ‘Tara Tuesdays’ and Tara will take over the blog.  Normally only I (Emma) write on Facebook, Twitter, the blog etc, so I’m handing a little control to Tara!  I hope she tells you about her love of re-enactments at various Castles round the UK and further afield, about her love of Adam Ant and Keane and also of her obsession with sewing machines.  She also has the ability to upcycle almost anything and is a member of the ‘Sewing Circle’, the splinter group to the ‘Fabric Fruitloops of Crowborough’ who take their makes to local fetes and fairs.

So, welcome Tara, I’m glad you’ve joined the blog!


9 thoughts on “When I met Tara ‘T Girl’…

  1. Sounds great, Tara sounds a real character!
    I too think Keane are great – last year I did a lot of work (curtains and blinds) for the Rice-Oxleys who are local Sussex people. My son and I were lucky enough to be given an couple of tickets to their recent Bexhill gig – they are on the rise again, new album is out very soon!

    • Oh Jenny, Tara will be majorly excited because Keane PLUS curtains (ie fabric) would just blow her mind… await comment from her when she gets home! She will be beside herself! May I ask – did they have good taste in fabric?!!!

      • I saw them in Bexhill too! I live locally & having no internet access at the time I queued up for tickets and I think got the last two for the Fri gig before they announced the Sat gig! They were awesome! I am a huge fan and travelled to Washingotn back in 2006 to see them! Did you see them on Graham Norton on Fri?! I have tickets for Brixton in Jn too! How lucky are you to have made curtains and blinds for the Rice-Oxleys….sigh! I am very jealous! And like Em has asked, what fabric did they choose?! xxxx

  2. been ages I know tara, sorry!!! The RO’s like plain, neutral blinds and curtains in the main but i did have to remake a lovely vintage pair of LA curtains for little RO no 1’s bedroom – ones that Mrs RO had when she was a little girl, the whole room had been designed round them! Also made up a patchwork cushion that Mrs RO had made – very retro in style that matched in with their general decor. A great job to get I must say!! Isn’t the new album REALLY good? Love it all and have bought several copies for my friends!! My son (11) can play several of them on his piano and guitar already and can sing SLC almost as well as Tom …… 🙂 …… Sure they will play this when they gig at the Hastings Beer Festival – my tickets are on their way…. YAY!!

  3. Just read this! How lucky are you to have done that work! Am very jealous! Agree the new album is awesome! Am playing it to death at the moment! Saw the guys at Brixton last Fri and they were amazing! Can’t make Hastings unfortunately but will try for O2 when tickets come out! Enjoy! xxxx

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