The Alfie Bundle – the story behind the name. Blog from 08.12.2011.

Often people will ask me how I name my fabric bundles, so I thought a good way to explain is with the Alfie bundle.  Alfie is a member of my family, my cousin’s little boy. Three years ago he was diagnosed with leukaemia and it was news that rocked our family. However, today Alfie has completed his three years of treatment at the country’s best cancer treatment centre for children in Leicester.

Alfie has spent a considerable amount of time in hospital over the last three years and my cousin Aimi has kept a blog throughout this whole process.  Not only do the family read it regularly to keep up to date with Alfie’s treatment, it’s had 17,600 views.

Aimi’s blog for Alfie can be found here, both the first ever post and the post Aimi wrote today sum up the experience of a three year rollercoaster ride:

Alfie has lost some little friends along the way, but hopefully he has been young enough not to fully understand, but old enough to remember all the people he has met along the way….